Intelligent optimization for higher productivity

We provide a combined knowledge in data science, machine learning and software development by building optimized support systems.

Connect your systems and empower your workforce with the technology needed to work smarter

Digital Transformation

Reimagine your interactions and connections in a leading competitive marketplace with enhanced footprint to deliver transformation at scale.

–  Conducting a Strategic Audit

–  Build a New System Strategy

–  Drive Measurable Value

Managed AI Solutions

Redefine the right tools and Revolutionize the way you acquire technology today.

–  TASP: Intelligent Optimization Platform

–  ADF: Anomaly Detection Framework

–  MACULA: Intelligent Video Analysis

Manufacturing Systems

We help you to identify and conceive seamless innovation that gets you ahead with personalized operating systems.

–  Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

–  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Real-Time Business Value

Optimization Platform

–   Workforce Planning & Scheduling
–   Asset Task Planning
–   Automated Feature Discovery

Anomaly Detection Framework

–   Pattern Recognition
–   Predictive Insights
–   Model Scalability

AI Expertise

–   Flexible Problem Solving
–   Heuristic Approach
–   Proof Of Concept

Benefits Management

–   Strategic Business Alignment
–   Return on Digital Investment
–   Structure Innovation Approach

Industries We serve

–   Chemicals

–   Metals

–   Plastics

–   Cement

–   Medical

–   Food

Client stories

Retail Optimizes IT Infrastructure

When a retail manufacturer needed to update its technological capabilities to address ongoing performance, reliability and cost issues, it knew it needed a partner to assist in the process.

Cloud Storage + Data Center Transformation

A manufacturer needed to refresh its aging technology in order to take advantage of new product features and enhancements that would support its business goals. Learn how Lophira servers helped the client improve time to market.

Manufacturing System and Resource Development

Plastic manufacturer wanted to eliminate inefficiencies and workflow issues with a real-time digital transformation. Main goal to improve production process and optimize its entire chain.

Our success starts with our culture

Beyond curiosity lies passion and beyond that is unlimited potential. By harnessing human ingenuity and applying our skills, we can work towards economic and environmental harmony where everyone becomes a force of nature.

Our reframing is not about finding the real problem; it’s about finding a better problem to solve by complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.


Our consistent reverence for facts and defining purposes by linking the business core beliefs with fundamental human values, an ideal of improving people’s lives. Lophira’s essential reason for being. 

The connected future is now

Digital technologies have super-charged the tracking process, enabling users to passively record and transmit data without direct input.

“Inspire a new generation of tech leaders in the industrial market space by building connected ecosystems.”

Jose Alberto Nerio, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Optimize & simplify your technology investments to drive greater business transformation. Maximize value through optimization.

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